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Proposed Grafton Terrace view March 2014

View down Grafton Terrace: Camden Council’s revised plans for the redevelopment of Maitland Park.

At a public meeting last night, Camden Council released new, modified plans for the redevelopment of the Maitland Park Estate.

The latest plans can be downloaded here.

There was a very vigorous debate at the meeting, with everyone agreeing it is important to build new homes in our area.  Aspen House residents in particular were passionate about the need for redevelopment.  But many local people also set out the need for the designs to be appropriate for the area and to respect the unique and special history of Grafton Terrace and Maitland Park.

The way forward

The architects have made significant changes to the designs for the Grafton Terrace block since the last public meeting – and it’s good to see some of the concerns from the community taken on board.  However, there is more that can be done.  We agreed that a smaller group, with representatives from each street and block in the area, would get together next week to make further progress.

Please do have a look, share the plans with your neighbours and tell us what you think.

Camden Council's proposals for Maitland Park, looking from Maitland Park Villas towards St. Dominic's Church.

Camden Council’s proposals for Maitland Park, looking from Maitland Park Villas towards St. Dominic’s Church.

Camden Council have released their proposals for major redevelopment of the Maitland Park Estate.

We have set these up as a download so that as many local residents can view the plans as possible.  Click here to download the architect’s plans and drawings.

With a waiting list for council housing of more than 20,000 local families, Camden want to build new homes on Maitland Park.  They are therefore proposing to demolish the existing Maitland Park Tenants and Residents Hall (on the corner of Grafton Terrace and Maitland Park Villas), the Maitland Park Gym and the large residential block Aspen House.

Over time, the three buildings will be replaced with a mix of private, shared ownership and council homes and a new community centre. There will also be extensive landscaping works and a new outdoor games area on Maitland Park Road between Whitebeam House and Rowan House.

The plans mean a dramatic shake up of the Maitland Park area with significant consequences for neighbours on surrounding streets, and new tall buildings overlooking Grafton Terrace and Parkhill Road, behind the estate.

We support the principle of building new homes, but are determined that Camden does not build these without properly taking local views into consideration.  We will be working closely with local residents to help make a case to the council.  In particular, we will be raising concerns about the design of the new block on Grafton Terrace, and noise and disturbance from the new games pitch planned for the middle of the estate.

Before they can go forward, the plans will have to be submitted for planning permission, and will probably be considered by the council’s planning committee towards the end of July this year. Please do email us with any further thoughts or comments on the plans.

There will be a public exhibition this Thursday on redevelopment plans for Maitland Park.

Time: 4-8pm, Thursday 20th February 2014
Location: Maitland Park TRA Hall, Grafton Terrace

The council’s plans will mean huge changes around Maitland Park, and knock on effects for those living nearby – potentially including those whose properties back onto Maitland Park, on Queen’s Crescent, Haverstock Hill and Parkhill Road. The council are proposing demolishing the community centre and the whole of Aspen House, and rebuilding several tall buildings in their place. There will also be extensive landscaping works.

At the meeting, we will be able to see the latest architect drawings and ask questions of council officers and the designers.

As your local councillors we are also keen to hear your views so will be attending the exhibition between 5pm and 7pm – do come along if you want to talk to us.

Vital lift repairs at Aspen House on Maitland Park have been indefinitely suspended by Labour councillors.

After local Liberal Democrat councillors raised concerns about damaged and frequently faulty lifts in the block, Camden Council wrote to residents at the end of 2012 promising that the lifts would finally be replaced. Now, however, residents have received a further letter saying that the plans have been withdrawn.

The council are considering redeveloping the whole Aspen House site in the future, which could include demolition of the block.

While it clearly wouldn’t make sense to splash out on new facilities only to dismantle them a few months later, as yet there are no firm plans for redevelopment and no public timescale. Other Camden developments, like the Abbey Estate in Kilburn, have been under discussion for almost seven years without a single brick being laid despite numerous planning applications. It cannot be right to withhold basic repairs from residents for years on end while the council deliberates over the future of an estate.

I raised the Aspen House lifts and the wider development plans in the council chamber in a debate on housing last night at a Full Council meeting, and will continue to challenge the council to set out their plans more clearly. You can watch the debate here.

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