Many residents say our streets are dirtier since Camden Council cut the street cleaning budget by £4million.

Council cuts to the street cleaning service has led to a large number of complaints from residents living off Chalk Farm Road.

Camden Town has the fourth largest night-time economy in the UK.  This may be good for local businesses – but the inevitable by-product is unfortunately a whole trail of rubbish and debris down residential streets in the morning.  This is worst on Saturday and Sunday mornings, after the local bars and clubs have been at their busiest – and residents often emerge to find discrded take aways, vomit – and worse – on their doorsteps.

It therefore makes no sense that the streets off Chalk Farm Road have been allocated their (now weekly) sweep on a Wednesday – four days later.

While everyone understands that councils have to save money in difficult economic times, they must do everything they can to minimise the impact.  Labour-run Camden’s £4m cut to street sweeping (almost 50% of the total £9m budget) is going to be felt even more keenly when it is being applied in such an illogical way. 

Streets in the heart of Camden Town need a weekend sweep – not rubbish sitting in the street to ferment until Wednesday.