Councillor Jill Fraser surveys the damage at the O2 story on Camden High Street

Cllr Fraser and I have spent the morning knocking on doors and speaking to people in Belmont Street, Harmood Street, Hartland Road and the other roads off Chalk Farm.  At a time like this, the community needs to come together, so we were simply calling to check in and make sure everyone is OK after all the disturbance last night, which focussed on Chalk Farm Road.

I also wanted to assure residents that we have been in frequent contact with the council, the police and local businesses.  Support in Chalk Farm last night was limited to Camden Police, but I am told they are trying to secure extra resources for us tonight from across London. There were attacks on property and cars in my own road, Prince of Wales Road, so I appreciate how frightening it was last night for many.

The worst hit businesses are Evans Cycles, Sainsbury’s and various mobile phone shops, but of course all local businesses will suffer from lost trade today.

What has really come through this morning is that the majority of residents in our area are decent, honest people who care about their neighbours and community.  The shocking and unacceptable actions last night were limited to a tiny minority.  That so many people were out this morning helping the clean up demonstrates that awful events like this can show the best in people as well as the worst.

Please do get in touch if you have been affected and if there is anything else we can do to help.  I will post again if there is further news or updates from the police.